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Private Content Stolen?

Every single day, thousands of people get their private content stolen online.

Massive Experience

The Human Shield is here to protect you. We have years of experience and an extensive network of contacts all over the internet.

24/7 Internet Monitoring

A dedicated team is assigned to every client. They conduct 24/7 internet monitoring and look out for ALL your content online. We have eyes everywhere on the internet!


The dedicated team assigned to your case will then Takedown ALL of your private content from the internet!


Poof! Your private content has disappeared from the internet! Your dedicated team continues 24/7 internet monitoring to ensure that your private content does not reappear.

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24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service support runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our skilled teams are armed with years of experience and expertise.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team is solely assigned to every case to ensure.

No contract, Zero obligations.

Sign-up and cancel your package with us at ANYTIME. No obligations!

24/7 Internet Monitoring

Your dedicated team prowls the internet 24/7 taking down any content that resurfaces the Internet.

Trust & Privacy

4800+ subscribers trust The Human Shield. We protect you. Enough said.

What Client Say About Us



How long does it take for a complete Takedown?

Takedowns typically take anytime between 12 hours – 3 days. Every Takedown is different in terms of its complexity due to many different factors. Our teams work extremely hard on every Takedown case and they will not stop working on it until your content completely disappears.


Is there any contract?

There is no contract whatsoever with The Human Shield. Sign-up and cancel your package(s) with us at any time! No strings attached. We believe in transparency and integrity.


How do you conduct Takedowns?

Over the years, The Human Shield has made an extensive network of contacts on the Internet. We partner with and work closely with many different cyber-security companies, hosting providers and websites. We also have many different resources at hand to be able to ensure that your private content is removed by the perpetrating website. Our teams are also skilled DMCA specialists whom will act on your behalf to ensure that all your private content are removed from the face of the internet.


Who are your clients?

4800+ Subscribers from 58 different countries. We have also helped many different Celebrities from all over the World as they trust our services. We strive to provide top-notch service as well as customer support. The reason for our success is that we do not compromise on service and no case for us is too big to handle.


What if you are unable to Takedown a website?

We have an extremely high success rate of Takedowns. However, some Takedowns may take longer than expected due to its complexity. When that happens, we provide additional Takedowns at no extra cost while we continue to work on the pending Takedowns.


Can I purchase multiiple packages?

Absolutely! For every package purchased, a dedicated team is assigned to the package/case. Similarly if you purchase 2 packages, 2 dedicated teams will be assigned to your case. For example, if you purchase 1x Gold Shield package, 1x dedicated team will work on the Takedowns of up to 10 different websites. Similarly, if you purchase 2x Gold Shield packages, 2x teams will be assigned to your case to conduct Takedowns of up to 20 different websites per month. This is completely up to the client depending on the urgency of his/her case.